You know what a bucket list is, right? defines it as a list of experiences or achievements a person hopes to accomplish during their lifetime. Megan Holmes created an epic Chick-fil-A bucket list and it actually landed her free Chickfila for a year! It all started with an extreme love of Chickfila.

Chickfila Bucket List

The Chickfila Bucket List Dream

Megan Holmes didn’t eat her first Chickfila meal until 2014 when one showed up in her California town. Megan and her friend ate at Chickfila regularly and one day they decided wanted to set a goal of eating one of everything on the Chickfila menu, while sitting in each seat at their favorite Chickfila. They drew a diagram of the Chickfila dining room and wrote out the menu on the back. They started with the number one and worked their way down the menu. It took them about 6 months to achieve their goal.

Getting a Big Reward

The operator of the Chickfila, Carlos, found out about their bucket list. He offered to give the girls free Chickfila for a year if they completed their goal. (Which Megan admits she would have done without this incredible reward!) Chickfila corporate also shared the story on the company’s website, which Megan says was very exciting. The employees started recognizing Megan and she felt a strong connection to the team.

Turning Her Passion Into a Career

Megan applied for a job at Chickfila in Salt Lake City, Utah and included her Chickfila Bucket List on her resume. She says that caught the manager’s attention and she ended up getting the job! She visited corporate in 2019 and her ultimate dream is to work there. Right now she’s the marketing and catering director of her restaurant. Megan has even won a Chickfila scholarship and on top of that she shares a birthday with the founder, Truett Cathy.

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