There’s a Chickfila operator in Georgia who has a tradition called Coffee With Kevin. Every new Chickfila employee gets a chance to sit down, share their dreams, and soak up wisdom from their new boss, Kevin Williams. On Season 2, episode 2 of My Pleasure: The Unofficial Chickfila Podcast, we’ll all get a chance to have Coffee With Kevin, an inspirational chat about leadership, goal-setting and what it means to display Irrational Kindness.

Irrational Kindness

What Does Irrational Kindness Mean?

Chickfila operator Kevin Williams writes in his new book Irrational Kindness: The Crazy Pursuit of an Extraordinary Life, “if we want to find abundant joy and accomplish great things, we need to get our brains around the concept of being irrational.” It’s about looking at things from a different angle, you can see failure as an opportunity. Kevin says 80% of the day is keeping everything spinning, but if you can find purpose using the remaining 20% of the day, you can figure out what distractions to eliminate and focus on finding your purpose.

Chickfila Operator Kevin William’s Leadership Style

Kevin Williams first heard Chickfila founder Truett Cathy speak when he was a teenager, and it really stuck with him. He remembered Truett’s belief in impacting every person he encountered in a positive way. He loves Truett Cathy’s life verse, a good name is chosen over great riches. Truett wanted his name to be well thought of, which kept him focused on generosity.

Kevin started operating Chickfila restaurants in the early 90s with a location that was losing money. Now has three successful locations in Canton, Georgia. He’s served countless customers and led over 300 employees. Kevin explained what he’s looking for when he hires new employees for his three Chick-fil-A locations. “We say we’d rather restrain mustangs than kick mules,” he says. He’s looking for people who are bold in the way they approach guests and tackle their roles.

Kevin’s Wall of Failures

A stock certificate worth nothing and the senior year soccer photo of a team that Kevin was cut from are two of the items hanging on Kevin’s wall of failures. It may sound strange to make these missteps so public, but Kevin believes highlighting these failures takes the power away from them. He talks about them regularly on his podcast, The Irrational Kindness Podcast.

A Free Irrational Kindness Study Guide

Hosts Jim and Alison both loved his new book Irrational Kindness: The Crazy Pursuit of an Extraordinary Life. It’s an uplifting reminder that failure becomes opportunity, frustration becomes persistence and uncertainty becomes a chance to dream. And here’s something extra cool—all the proceeds from Kevin’s book support foster/adopt children and families in crisis. Pick up a copy wherever books are sold. Head to for more information and to download a free group discussion guide.

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